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    Adopted Two-Legged Bunny-Cat Celebrates Her Second Birthday!

    [embedded content] Roux, an adorable little two-legged kitty adopted by Jackie Deak Akey in Louisiana, has become an Internet sensation due to her playful and inspiring nature. Despite her congenital deformity, this spunky cat hops about and loves to play just like any other cat! Today, she celebrates her 2nd birthday! Bored Panda » Video

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    Brocabulary 101: Expand Your Bro Lexicon With the Subreddit Dedicated to Defining Brohood – Documenting the broliferation of bro words.

    There’s no stopping the Bros. Bro country, Berniebros, Crossfit bros, Wall Street bros, brogrammers, surfer bros, the nouveau bro (“the golden retriever of bros”), basic bros—every day, the definition of bro-ness seems to expand. So does the terminology. Brocabulary is a tongue-in-cheek Reddit community chronicling the proliferation–er, broliferation—of bro words. Think of it as a guybrary of […]

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    Lost Cat Enters Pet Store, Finds Catnip Section – Loses its damn mind.

    Some time ago, a cunning tabby cat wandered into a Dutch pet store and found exactly what it was looking for: the catnip toy display. While the YouTube user describes the kitty as “lost,” one Redditor points out something that we should probably all remember in life: Comment from discussion timelyparadox’s comment from discussion "A Dutch pet store […]

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    Lucia Custodio – Portuguese Beauty

    Lucia Custodio on a sexy short video: The Girl. Pure hotness worth to watch and drool….   THE GIRL from Antonio Nascimento on Vimeo.

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    Sorority girls at a baseball game

    WElcome to parenting 2015. These girls are at a baseball game, but at the same time they are not. Do you know why? because it is selfie time!