Barack Obama Upgraded His Style Of Jeans And People Are Living For It

1. It’s no secret that former president Barack Obama cleans up well. The man looks great in a suit.

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And yes, of course Michelle Obama always looks great too, but we’re here to discuss Mr. Obama today.

2. During his downtime, the former commander-in-chief frequently rocked dad jeans. In fact, his proclivity for that particular jean is well-documented.

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3. The thing is, though, not even Obama could make dad jeans cool — they’re so big and the color is so plain.

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5. But that all seemed to change when Mr. Obama recently appeared looking like he just walked off a runway in Milan, wearing fitted jeans, a crisp ironed shirt, and a leather jacket.

Jose Luis Magana / AP

6. It definitely looks like someone has been reading GQ.

Jose Luis Magana / AP

7. *Tyra Banks voice* You are safe from elimination this week, Obama, and you will continue on in the hope of becoming America’s Next Top Model.

Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images

Jose Luis Magana / AP

8. Of course, the change in his style has not gone unnoticed by people on Twitter. “How dare you, sir,” one user tweeted in response to the style upgrade.

Barack Obama gave us 8 years of “dad jeans” knowing all the while that this was possible. How dare you sir!

— J.A.B. (@MsJamilaAisha)

9. Folks certainly approve.

No more “dad jeans” for President Obama. He looks so stylish! https://t.co/deyT7T6Y7j

— Makho Ndlovu (@makhondlovu)

10. The dad jeans are no more, at least for now.

Dude finally lost the dad jeans. #obama https://t.co/clFcZgKAqt

— Clive Veroni (@CliveVeroni)

11. “I guess I’ll do a little modeling now.” —Obama, probably

President Barack Obama out here living his best life and looking like the next cover of GQ

— Bougie Banton (@_KingNeek)

12. Here’s to being a fashion icon,* Mr. Obama.

*Even though all credit probably goes to Mrs. Obama.

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Barack Obama Upgraded His Style Of Jeans And People Are Living For It