Black Tape Project Is So Hot! (14 gifs)

Quote: styopa

Women will literally do ANYTHING for attention.*

*but please do not look at them as if they’re sex objects.

Those women are paid models doing their job. It’s not easy, as you can imagine the tape coming off isn’t pleasant. Your comment just makes your jealousy show a little too much. Grow up and appreciate the fact that there are beautiful women in the world willing to give us a peak at their beauty, and stop making it all about you and your insecurities. Oh, and one more thing, just because a woman chooses to dress in a more revealing manor, doesn’t change the fact that she is ALWAYS a woman and NEVER an object. No matter what, never treat ANY woman like an object, sexual or otherwise. If you don’t understand the difference, get help.

Girls – – The One and Only

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Written by Hugo Santos


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