Here's Why Your Ears Are Always Itchy As Fuck

Probably one of the other most common causes is allergies, Kim says. Sometimes people with allergies will have itchy throats and itchy eyes, as well as itchy ears. If you’re experiencing this, you should go to the doctor and have it checked out to determine if it is an allergic reaction, and if so, get an allergy test to see what’s causing the reaction. She also says there are the people who have skin conditions, like psoriasis and eczema, which can actually show up in the ear canal’s skin.

Voigt says he’s also seen itchiness and irritation that’s resulted from patients who’ve had hair in their ears from getting a haircut or having a pet, and people who genetically have dry, flaky ear wax that gets stuck in their ear canals. The best way to address both of these issues is to get that stuff professionally removed by an ENT.

People who have hearing aids or in-ear headphones can develop contact dermatitis (skin rash and irritation) or an allergic reaction to the material of the product. So be careful to use products with materials you’re not allergic to, and always wipe them down before, during, and after using to monitor for sweat and bacteria.

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