I Took My Wife’s Last Name, And This Is What I Learned

It was ultimately just as easy for me to get my name changed as it would be for a woman, but there are little things that remind you how rare what you’re doing really is. Take, for example, the most popular name-change service, which is “” Listen, I’m not mad, and I’m sure it’s a great service, but it’s funny. Also, whatever happened to women who want to use Ms.?

You don’t really realize how automatic the thinking is around name-changing until you do it. We hired a photobooth company for our wedding (natch) and they provided us with a really lovely scrapbook with everyone’s photos at the end. One of the pages was adorned with the phrase, “He stole my heart, so I stole his last name!” Of course I don’t fault the wonderful owners, they were amazing and the scrapbook was a surprise gift, but that tells you how “default” it is.

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