People Are Accusing A Makeup Company Of Doing A Black Model Dirty

A PR rep for Anastasia Beverly Hills then responded to BuzzFeed’s request for comment: “Unfortunately, a mistake happened while posting, and we apologize.”

“Our mistake! Our social media manager unfortunately posted the wrong clips for model Dora for our new Liquid Lipsticks, and we did not internally catch the mistakes until user comments drew our attention to the uploading errors last night. This footage is shot on an iPhone and then collaged with additional footage for Instagram Stories—our social manager mistakenly confused which clip went with which post. We want to thank everyone who helped call out this mistake, and we apologize for the confusion. We work with Dora often and consider her a part of our glam family. It’s always our intent to represent her—and all other ABH models—accurately, as our customers look to swatches to determine if a shade of lipstick or eye shadow suits their personal skin tone. Unfortunately, a mistake happened while posting, and we apologize.”

BuzzFeed – WTF Feed

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