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    23 Horrifying Things That Have Actually Happened To Women At Work

    We recently asked women in our BuzzFeed Community to share their work horror stories. Here are a bunch that are infuriating, and unfortunately relatable AF. 1. abc / Via “I work in the scuba diving industry and I had a boss once who made me and the only other woman instructor get on the […] More

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    21 Kinky-As-Fuck Things People Have Actually Done During Sex

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the kinkiest things they’ve ever done. Here are the interesting results. (Side note: This is a judgment-free zone. No kink-shaming, please! Enjoy!) 1. This surprise orgy: “I flew to New York City to visit a friend, and he threw me a full-blown orgy. There were nine people, […] More

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    19 Pictures That Prove Drunk People Are Actually Geniuses

    2. The person whose drunk self couldn’t be outsmarted. Thought you guys might like this note my friend wrote to himself before going out last night ? — Island-mama (@Tarryntino) 3. The person who was smarter than authorisation codes. apparently i tried to log in to my online banking when i was drunk — jon […] More

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