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    17 Slightly Gross Beauty Habits Every Girl Is Guilty Of

    1. Tweezing out an ingrown hair and feeling so satisfied when it’s a long one. View this image › Joe Gross / Via Youtube 2. Using the same razor for months even when it gets clogged with hairs. View this image › Tolani Shoneye/BuzzFeed Or secretly using your mate’s razor… 3. Scraping plaque off your […]

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    27 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing After 30

    1. Stop buying cheap makeup. Instead, spend half your paycheck on expensive beauty products made from the blood of twentysomethings… 2. …and then invest the other half of your paycheck in a pair of fashionable yet uncomfortable shoes that will cause irreparable damage to your spine. Gotta hit that insurance deductible by the end of […]

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    28 Things Every Person Hates That They Do But Does Anyway

    5. Every person has tried to play literally every instrument imaginable in air form: View this image › 24. Or woken up for no good reason thinking about something that happened on a Tuesday at 11:21 a.m. years ago: View this image › And, finally, every person has laughed exactly like this: View this image […]