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    18 Things You've Definitely Done But Didn't Realize Everyone Else Does

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] Three words: ice cream soup. Made your sweatpants into socks when you were too lazy to put some on. Twitter: @DejjLoso Saved the best part of the cereal for last. Twitter: @amwhitaker_ Neatly played with the pen cord at your bank or post office. Twitter: @bryanhoes123 Enjoyed filling each and […] More

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    14 Midwestern Foods That Confuse The Fuck Outta Everyone Else

    What it is: A hot dog topped with neon green relish (*important*), pickles, tomato, mustard, and onion. What it’s not: Topped with ketchup (DON’T YOU DARE) or fancy ingredients such as ~whole grain~ mustard or relish made with natural coloring. Check out how to make a proper Chicago dog here. BuzzFeed – WTF Feed More

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    36 Things That'll Make Everyone Born Before 1994 Say “Shit, What A Different Time”

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] Everything used to be simpler, but also way more complicated. You’d make your parents buy you an entire box cereal just for the toy inside… …when you would pour out your cereal and find a surprise… Twitter: @EllenmelchEllen …when you’d settle all your disputes with your friends with […] More