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    Ja Rules ‘Extravagant’ #FyreFestival Was A Massive FAIL!

    This is a perfect example of expectations vs reality. The 1% who paid big money for a “lavish” music festival ended up in chaos. This is what the $ 12,000 per ticket  weekend was supposed to give you: But the reality was farrrrrr less stellar. Guests complained about flimsy camping facilities, bread and cheese sandwiches carelessly tossed in […]

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    Lion Leap FAIL.

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] This lion overestimated her leaping abilities. At Biopark Estrella in Mexico, a lioness named Elsa leaped at a tour group, but failed (thankfully) to reach her intended targets. Just a cat being a cat… You’re not alone buddy…   Videos – Thrill Blender

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    Damn, This Was Embarrassing. Kiss Cam Fail For Lakers Fan.

    Somebody give this Lakers fan a hug. The unnamed Laker supporter became a kiss cam casualty at a Kings-Lakers matchup. Watch him suffer some serious public embarrassment in the video below. It’s one thing to strike out with a chick. It’s a whole other level of cringe when an entire stadium is watching you. Check it out.. […]