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    21 Times People Lied And The Internet Sherlocked The Fuck Outta Them

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] You cannot fool the internet. The beachgoer: Twitter: @unilad The fitness nut: The commuter: Twitter: @jallbate The Wendy’s fan: Twitter: @Wendys The Tubby Custard troll: The big tipper: The ex: The stage-five clinger: The squinter: The expert weaver: The English speaker: The […] More

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    9 Husbands And 8 Boyfriends Who Confused The Fuck Out Of Their Partners

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] “I was late because I had to find all the things that were in plain sight for my husband.” This boyfriend who needs his eyes checked: This husband who ALMOST got it: Twitter: @Carbosly This boyfriend who has very, erm, interesting sleeping habits: This boyfriend who was asked […] More

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    14 Midwestern Foods That Confuse The Fuck Outta Everyone Else

    What it is: A hot dog topped with neon green relish (*important*), pickles, tomato, mustard, and onion. What it’s not: Topped with ketchup (DON’T YOU DARE) or fancy ingredients such as ~whole grain~ mustard or relish made with natural coloring. Check out how to make a proper Chicago dog here. BuzzFeed – WTF Feed More

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    Here's Why Your Ears Are Always Itchy As Fuck

    Probably one of the other most common causes is allergies, Kim says. Sometimes people with allergies will have itchy throats and itchy eyes, as well as itchy ears. If you’re experiencing this, you should go to the doctor and have it checked out to determine if it is an allergic reaction, and if so, get […] More

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