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    17 Slightly Gross Beauty Habits Every Girl Is Guilty Of

    1. Tweezing out an ingrown hair and feeling so satisfied when it’s a long one. View this image › Joe Gross / Via Youtube 2. Using the same razor for months even when it gets clogged with hairs. View this image › Tolani Shoneye/BuzzFeed Or secretly using your mate’s razor… 3. Scraping plaque off your […]

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    WTF: Host Throws Water On Girl Over Her Preference of Men?!?

    The insecurity and immaturity in this video are off the chain. People are allowed to like who they want, for whatever reason they choose. This idiot of a host can’t seem to grasp that concept. He was butt hurt over the fact that the woman on his show doesn’t date dark skin men. Watch him lash out at […]

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    The “Cash Me Outside” Girl Has Merch Now, And SMH, It's Amazing

    2. Well since achieving meme fame, Danielle’s Instagram following has grown to more than a million. So the next logical step is to profit, right? View this image › Get that meme money. 5. Okay but things get real good when you get past the clothes. 8. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY there’s a blanket called “YUP […]