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    25 Dogs Who Are, Quite Frankly, Better Than People

    PURE JOY: A woman and her dog are reunited at a fireworks celebration after the dog went missing for over two weeks, and their reactions are sure to put a smile on your face! 08:03 PM – 06 Jul 2018 BuzzFeed – cute More

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    12 People Who Are Struggggggling Through August So Far

    I’m babysitting my 2 yr old nephew today and when I told him he couldn’t eat ice cream for breakfast he told me “you’re not my best friend anymore” so we compromised and now he’s on his second bowl of ice cream and I’ve gained the title “best friend in the whole wide world” 03:08 […] More

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    Here Are 31 TV Shows People Once Loved, But Now Can’t Stand

    “Season 1 was fantastic, and I absolutely loved it, but the last two seasons haven’t been very good. At the end of this season, none of my favorite characters are left, and the storylines are becoming more ridiculous. The show seems to forget that Kara is a badass, strong, and independent woman who doesn’t need […] More

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    14 People Who Are Just Fucking Done With The BS

    Chocolate ? Zeus ?? @TheRealGahri So my brother has been away at Boot Camp for the past few months , so I decided to show him how hip hop is going and this is how he responded… ? 10:24 PM – 30 Apr 2018 Reply Retweet Favorite BuzzFeed – lol More

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    21 Wild AF Things Actual People Have Believed About Sex

    1. “My sister told me that when a man got an erection it made his testicles perfectly spherical.” – Bethany Aston via Facebook 2. “I believed that there was a thing called ‘rainbow sex’ when I was younger, which was when a girl and guy mixed his cum and her period blood together and kissed […] More

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