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    21 Wild AF Things Actual People Have Believed About Sex

    1. “My sister told me that when a man got an erection it made his testicles perfectly spherical.” – Bethany Aston via Facebook 2. “I believed that there was a thing called ‘rainbow sex’ when I was younger, which was when a girl and guy mixed his cum and her period blood together and kissed […] More

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    21 Annoying Movie Clichés That Never Fail To Piss People Off

    “They act like a woman who is played by a super-toned, skinny, and traditionally attractive actress lives off of beer and cheeseburgers and never works out. It’s supposed to either signal that the girl is a ‘hot mess’ which makes her more relatable or a cool girl who can hang with the guys – it’s […] More

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    19 Movie Endings That Seriously Infuriated The Fuck Out Of People

    “It’s on Netflix right now and I decided to watch it and I wished I’d googled reviews first instead of afterwards because the ending straight-up sucked. Nothing was explained, there was no twist, no payoff, it just…ended. The reason I ended up googling it at all was because I honestly thought I’d missed something, but […] More

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    28 People Who Really Didn't Understand How The Female Body Works

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most ridiculous assumptions they’ve ever heard about the female body. Here are some of the wildest responses. 1. “I’ve had multiple cis male friends of mine have the misconception that the vagina is an opening on the front of crotch area, right around […] More

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