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    Some Baristas Are Hotter Than The Java They Serve!

    These chicks might be the hottest baristas to serve a cup of Joe. Check out some truly sexy chicks who serve up some sexy caffeine on Instagram. Mia is so damn sexy… Zoe can pour me a cup of anything… You don’t need any extra sugar when Kitty is pouring.  She is sweet enough… Last […] More

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    23 People Who Had A Way Worse 2017 Than You

    Throughout 2017, we asked the BuzzFeed Community for their absolute worst horror stories. From sex fails to wedding disasters, here are the stories that’ll make you feel better about your year. 1. This bride’s ordeal: “I had severe diarrhea during my wedding. My husband was reading his vows, and all of a sudden liquid crap […] More

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    22 People Who Are Having A Way, Wayyyy Worse Day Than You

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] Hey, it could be worse. Hey, at least you didn’t get stuck in a speaker: Twitter: @wallahi And at least you didn’t order a chair made for ANTS: Twitter: @itssavannahxox At least you didn’t pull a Diego: Twitter: @TheDiegoFranco And at least you didn’t pick the worst possible time for […] More