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    36 Things That'll Make Everyone Born Before 1994 Say “Shit, What A Different Time”

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] Everything used to be simpler, but also way more complicated. You’d make your parents buy you an entire box cereal just for the toy inside… …when you would pour out your cereal and find a surprise… Twitter: @EllenmelchEllen …when you’d settle all your disputes with your friends with […] More

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    16 Of The Most Cringeworthy Movie Sex Scenes Of All Time

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] Pass me a bucket of cold water. “The pool scene in Showgirls between Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan.” “She looks like a fish on the hook.” – leannetillyk Carolco Pictures “Every single sex scene in The Room is terrible.” “The music, camera work, and sounds combined are so cringey. They […] More