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    Duck Born Unable To Walk Is Saved By Loving Humans

    [embedded content] Lemon was born unable to walk or stand on her own. However, this hasn’t stopped her from living a happy life full of adventures thanks to her human Laura Backman. Not only did she survive her difficult start in life, she’s even celebrating her 10th birthday today! This lovely story also inspired a picture […]

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    I Let My Dog Walk Me And I Ended Up Learning A Lot

    Stop and smell the (pee-soaked) roses, once in a while. Hi, we’re Chelsea (human) and Hadley (dog). Most mornings, I (Chelsea) dictate where we go. If Hadley has gone to the bathroom and she's smelling some plants for a long time, I tend to pull her away after a few minutes. Ugh, humans, amiright? So, […]