Two Words – Pure Bliss.

All we need is someone to add in Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and we may have the most heart warming hug of all time.  Story & video below:

“While visiting my husband’s parents on Father’s Day, we decided to take an afternoon cruise of Pawtuckaway Lake on the family pontoon boat. Jackson has happily been riding along with us since he was a puppy and loves to feel the cool breeze in the summer-time. At one point during the ride, he decided to jump up to sit next to my husband. He kept putting his chin on my husband’s shoulder, looking for a hug and enjoying the wind in his hair. I had been taking pictures as he did this, but when he really got comfortable and started dozing off, I thought I should take a video to really capture how sweet this moment actually was and it wasn’t just a quick moment either. He was hugging his dad for a good few minutes before this was even taken. Jackson is basically the sweetest dog ever, and he loves being with his people, wherever that may be!”

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