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  1. Sure, “alternative rock” or modern rock was becoming corporate and played out by then, but Hemorrhage (In My Hands) and Shimmer are both solid rock radio songs and let’s not forget that Hemorrhage was a huge hit when it came out, to the point that it soured a lot of people on that song and band from overplay.

    So I’m not gonna act like Fuel rules, but they don’t suck either. Let’s save suck for people who do bad shit, not mediocre shit.

  2. When I get one of these types talking to me I usually challenge them to a trip. Pick any destination 1000-1400 miles away and bet them $10k to drive their vehicle on public roads to the destination person that gets there first wins, my car versus theirs.

    They scowl and never take the bet. Battery tech has a long way to go to fully replace ICE or they’re going to have to build some more infrastructure to support the EV.

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Meanwhile in Dublin, Ireland… 17

Meanwhile in Dublin, Ireland…

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Wikipedia is Good Guy Wikipedia, because they don’t have ads.