Ⓨ shame

Ⓨ shame

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  1. I’ll never understand this sub and young boys obsession with anything that confirms their view “woman bad man good”

  2. We’re never safe for long. Disease will find us, the day of wreckoning shall come, with the vodka virus. Russian men with vodka and AK-47s in hand, riding on their battle bears. Fire, nuclear waste, everything is in ruin.

  3. Lol I meannn… most of the married friends I have share the same #1 family goal: for mom to be stay at home. Yes, their husbands are on board.

    Is that the prerequisite? For it to be a family goal? Or is that also not ok in your eyes?

    By your I mean, all the guys here speaking hate and also speaking against marriage.

  4. i get they are trying to roast women bc of not wanting to help paying rent. but she cango to her family’s house or her friend’s house. its not like every women is depending on her husband, or maybe its worse, maybe she does have money but doesnt want to help despite having enough to rent for herself

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If the men posed like the women on movie posters.

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