🍌When Banano is worth $1🍌

🍌When Banano is worth $1🍌 7

🍌When Banano is worth $1🍌 8

🍌When Banano is worth $1🍌

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  1. Hold.. no hang on.. hold still, CAN YOU HOLD FUCKING STILL? I AM TRYING TO SCAN YOUR QR CODE! Thank you. Continue…

  2. They both slowed down because their boss texted them from the sidelines saying it wasn’t sexy enough.

  3. It’s hilarious until you realize they’re in there against their will and the outfits are full of bees.

  4. There is some sort of pamphlet stuck to the middle of the QR code so I assume they aren’t valid?

  5. The way the banana on the right just clamped back with so much energy near the end of the video. Both of them went off near the end of the video

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