40,000 zombies vs 1,000 US soldiers [Epic Battle Simulator]

40,000 zombies vs 1,000 US soldiers [Epic Battle Simulator]

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  1. This is exactly what happened in *World War Z*, after the debacle at Yonkers. Somewhere in New Mexico the infantry lured hordes of zombies into the desert where they formed a line and just started blasting. They had an absolute shit-ton of ammo and reserve units behind the lines replacing weapons and empty magazines immediately. Just like in this gif the zombies started piling up into a sort of palisade, and eventually came around the sides, forcing the infantry into a box formation. In the end, they held them off but when it was all over they were basically surrounded by a twenty-foot-high mound of dead zombies on four sides.

  2. And amazingly this game (tech demo), with this technology, gets boring after about half an hour.

    Little kid me with an active imagination would find ways to play this for hours.

  3. ah but this would be using the post Battle of Hope tactics, not the Battle of Yonkers tactics.

    Look at that beautiful battle line, no bullshit like antitank guns or missile launchers or machine gun nests, just perfect lines of aimed fire.

  4. And this is exactly how that would happen with that many soldiers exercising very good fire discipline and maintaining high morale. Not like at Yonkers.

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