44 is back with his swagger

44 is back with his swagger 7

44 is back with his swagger 8

44 is back with his swagger

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  1. Life after being president must be awesome. The biggest weight ever gets lifted off your chest. Saw it with Bush and I see it with Obama too.

  2. I commented on this video on another subreddit, but I’ll say it again because I think it gives context to how cool this is.

    As someone who plays ball, I know that the fact that he can drain a 3, first shot, in dress pants and dress shoes means he still plays. Regularly. Impressive for someone who is almost 60!

  3. I recently watched a video clip of a rally where literally thousands of people in a packed arena in the midst of a pandemic cheered because 45 successfully took a drink from a glass of water.

  4. As a European: god damn, I miss this president! His style, his dignity, the way he talks. Trump looks like a little kid, a bully, compared to him.

  5. Man, there’s just countless examples of how cool and interesting and engaged and caring and inspiring this person is. There’s a deep embodiment of leadership and care and charisma directed outward into positive things that’s just shining. And then he somehow just keeps one upping it, hitting you with other interesting stuff. Really a class act this man.

  6. That’s nice, but have you ever seen Trump’s golf swing? Thing of beauty, let me tell you. Might be the greatest ever really. Actually, it’s quite ugly, especially for someone who supposedly played baseball.

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