A gruesome injury

A gruesome injury

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. Grown men flopping around on the ground like that should be an automatic stoppage of play with them being taken out on a stretcher and given a medical exam. If the exam shows nothing wrong, give them a red card, fine and a suspension. Flopping needs to end. It’s not a strategy, it’s an example given to kids and an embarrassment to any sport.

  2. I love the reaction from the guy in blue colors like “come on man get the fuck up i didnt even touch you”

    ….. He didnt think that through did he.

    And also wtf, he straight shoves him in the chest twice, does he know what game hes playing!?

  3. It’s not the same as soccer but in the NHL if you’re an avid diver/embellisher the player and coach both get fined. I’ve seen many times where refs are going to call a penalty on a player but drop it and give the flopper a diving penalty. Not saying it still doesn’t happen but it’s not on the level that soccer is in Europe.

    I want to like the sport so much but when you see these athletes that are playing at their peek diving and crying all the time it really turns me off.

  4. Rules are made for a reason, when people deliberately take advantage of a rule to gain an unfair competitive advantage, you should be suspended for cheating. 2 weeks minimum, see if people continue to fake injuries.

  5. On an episode of Horrible Histories I learned that in ancient Rome there were special workers whose job was to go out onto the floor of the Colosseum and check to see if the men lying down were actually dead. One guy would stab them with a spear and if he reacted, the other guy would smash his head in with a large hammer.

    What I’m saying is that soccer matches need guys like this.

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