A nurse who misrepresented herself to be a doctor defends wasting thousands of COVID vaccines

A nurse who misrepresented herself to be a doctor defends wasting thousands of COVID vaccines 7

A nurse who misrepresented herself to be a doctor defends wasting thousands of COVID vaccines

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  1. She pursued the medical field after seeing her mother struggle with Polio and she wants to serve her community, so she opened up an all-cash botox and filler clinic? Make it make sense!

  2. At 3:54 she burped after being asked what she would do to get people to trust her again. Its great journalism.

  3. Technically she has a doctorate of nursing. It is at best, confusing, but better typified as dishonest and unethical. Pharmacists’ and physical therapists’ entry degree, for instance, is a doctorate but by convention they do not call themselves “doctor” in the clinical setting so as to avoid confusing patients. She is creating confusion that is advantageous to her practice. She already comes off as a shady character so whatever happened with the vaccines probably is an accurate reflection of that practice.

  4. Wow, that smug fucking look at 3:29 she gives after being confronted about curating reviews of her clinic. That tells you all you need to know.

  5. Colorado is one of few (maybe the only) states where people are actually allowed to call themselves doctor and practice medicine without a medical degree and it’s totally fucked. These people flock here specifically so they can open these sham clinics and they’re fucking everywhere.

    You see all those machines in her exam rooms? People go to these places and they’re like let me point this magic ray gun at your brain and it will heal your diabetes. That will be $2000. Then they’re like here’s a $500 bottle of magic herbal extract from a plant that only grows on the summit of Everest. Oh and we only take cash.

    So not only did this woman do nothing wrong under Colorado law, she was actually sanctioned by the state to do it.

  6. If your rebuttal against people calling you unethical starts with “well, in the state of [x]…” you’re clearly full of shit and have no interest ethics.

  7. These clinics are everywhere in Thailand. You’ll walk past five or six of them in any mall on the way to the closest Starbucks. I never understand why so many people pay so much money for so little actual medicine.

  8. There are people with medical degrees, and there are people who took shortcuts to try to practice medicine. Which would you like taking care of you and your loved ones?

    Would you get on a plane with a “pilot” who went to college and then took an online class to fly?

  9. Average instagram thot nurse.

    So many nurses and health professionals are incredibly shallow and MEAN superficial people like this who are completely devoid of any and all moral code.

    It’s sad, but you have to learn that most people who are born attractive will tend to abuse the fact that they can get away with things and manipulate others with their looks.

    Look into the halo effect / horns effect. Ugly people are seen as being untrustworthy or evil while good-looking people are seen as trustworthy or smart. This is a PERFECT example of this.

    This woman has no idea what she’s doing and is only out to help herself and hurt others. She doesn’t care, because at the end of the day, she gets to go home to her crooked evil husband who she probably also married because of his looks.

  10. Everyone wants to be called Doctor in the medical field. Some people become DNPs with online degrees to do it. Some programs are basically diploma mills with questionable “clinical” training. Fine, but a layperson for sure might think they went to 4 years of medical school and 4 or more years of residency after their college training when no…they didn’t. People besides physicians make a huge difference in healthcare. Wouldn’t work without other advanced providers. But people need to be aware of who they are seeing and what their actual training is.

  11. She’s scummy, intentionally or not, but they did here dirty with that burp. 100% should have been edited out.

  12. make sure your “doctor” is a physician if you truly value you and your loved ones’ health. NPs and PAs are okay at times, but there is a level of standardization, clinical acumen and experience that is guaranteed with a physician (MD/DO). And you pay the same price regardless of the provider. Why settle for an assistant or physician extender?

  13. So because Colorado allows her to call her self a doctor, without holding a medical degree, she now feels as though she’s earned that title? Right.

  14. FYI. You can become a nurse practitioner completely through online courses.

    Never see these people unless it’s a completely minor and easily fixed ailment.

  15. Reporter definitely has an “all gas no brakes” vibe. I’m hoping that vibe permeates our news industry

  16. I get the upset over the vaccines but what is the upset over the title?

    She has her DNP, and seems to be representing herself as a DNP. I don’t get what the “misrepresentation” that people are mentioning is. If she didn’t have private practice authority, prescriptive authority, or was exceeding the bounds of her training, and was using the Doctor title to accomplish that, then it would be misleading, but she isn’t. It sounds like she is legally using the Doctor title to legally administer the treatments that she is trained in, and legally allowed to provide, how is that misleading?

    Is a DDS misleading people when he makes you dentures? No. Is he misleading if he uses his Doctor title to give you breast implants (it happens), sure, then yes cause they’re working out of the bounds of their training. But using a title you earned to do a job you’re qualified in, is not misleading.

    I know several master’s level NPs, they aren’t idiots, they aren’t untrained. They just took a different path. I would trust my pregnant wife to a nurse midwife before I let a GP or family physician handle it. They’re professional people that earn their qualifications like anyone else. If a nurse midwife with her DNP called herself doctor, there’s no misrepresentation there, she’s qualified to care for you. He/she isn’t going to oopsies your baby cause they’re a DNP instead of an MD or a DO.

    Edit: the caveats being states that don’t allow private practice for NP/DNP or the use of “Doctor” for DNPs (which I disagree with)

  17. I’ struggling with this. Because is it really misrepresentation?

    It’s a state rule that she’s allowed to call herself a Doctor, but that then has all sorts of preloaded implications. But is that any different from someone who has a non medical Doctorate using thing the title of Doctor to gain an unearned value with it.

    I mean, yeah, I think I’d agree she’s misrepresenting herself as a Doctor, but only in the same way that someone who may be a Doctor in the field of Maths, could be misrepresenting themselves as an expert in the health field.

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