A real stereotype

A real stereotype 7

A real stereotype 8

A real stereotype

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  1. Good meme. Ive spent hours trying to find a site that can make meme gifs but I havent been able to so far. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS PLEASE

  2. I used to sell cars. It’s not that we lie about cars (at least some of us). We just try to find the silver lining alot. Cloth instead of leather? Better to get in during the summer and winter. No navigation? Phone charger works great. No doors? Easier to get in and out of.

  3. So true. I went car shopping yesterday and luckily found one in really good shape. The salesmen said that scratches are totaled into the final cost. The first 2 cars we looked at were terrible and had a million scratches, 20,000 dollars. The one I got has one easy to fix scratch and auto start, new speakers installed by previous owner, and new tires. My car was 500 dollars more than that. I’m very glad with my new car.

  4. It’s the same even if it’s a brand new car….
    That fucker told me apple carplay is useful and emplore me to buy it, but I cannot find a way to use it! He also told me that navigation system is a must, but its accuracy is the same as my phone, I can literally just get a phone rack and use it for free! On top of that, he told me that the new car with parking radar would work perfectly….but it doesn’t even go off when the bumper is literally pressing against the wall.

  5. So true.

    Except at Carmax. From my experience they just kinda let you do your thing and don’t really know much about the cars themselves, which is nice cuz there’s not really any pressure to buy.

  6. Dude in my country people are OVERPRICING their cars. They buy used car from the west and when they want to sell them here they sell them for more than they bought them. Used cars are usually up to 5k more expensive than what they are worth for fucks sake

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My boyfriend left for work and our cat curled up in a ball with his t-shirt 20

My boyfriend left for work and our cat curled up in a ball with his t-shirt

Round-abouts are merely a traffic suggestion. 21

Round-abouts are merely a traffic suggestion.