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  1. Was letting my baby nephew play around in Soulcalibur 6 the other day. I havent really touched the game myself, but played a lot of 2-4 back in the day. The kid managed to turn on the online standby settings while in the training mode, and it quickly dragged him into a ranked online match.

    I took the controller real quick, and defended myself from this random stranger. He was good, I could tell they practiced. He was using a fully customized created character, and was stringing together juggle combos, and won 2 matches. I tried to follow suit and full fancy moves, but the changes in Mitsurugi’s move set was too far from what my muscle memory knew. I resorted to fighting him using standard play, just regular attacks and blocks with good timing. Ended up getting two wins myself, and then he finished me off 3-2. It was a good fight

    He kept using the attack where it slows down in a dramatic way, and I guess theres some kind of rock-paper-scissors going on. I dont know wtf it was all about, or what to do, but I kept winning and getting free damage on him

  2. Fighting Kaguya in Ninja Storm 4 is just bullshit. She constantly teleports and substitutes and grabs and it’s so annoying.

  3. Me busting out my main man fish in soul caliber

    *laughs in nightmare but with a fish head destroying everything my opponent thrones at me*

  4. Oh shit I entered the secret code for the door, now the big tiddy futa girl in the red dress gets the superweapon and my explosion loli isnt ready yet

  5. As fun as fighting games are, I know like two combos and spam attack buttons constantly until I win. Strategy at it’s finest.

  6. When you play BDO on Xbox and you can’t remember all the crazy combos: “Random bullshit! GO!”.
    RB+LS+AB+Y or something!

  7. I was invited to a mortal kombat tournament once a couple years ago, never touched that game before and it was pretty competitve, I randomly took a charachter I found cool because he (she?) had weapons, when I started the first round, I just mashed the buttons on the controller and she started to bombard the whole screen with bombs and shit. I beat two other players this way. I never got invited to a tournament ever again.

  8. I read this as “start button – mashing” as in,
    You’re so salty so you just pause the game over and over to delay your demise.

  9. Yeah then you do some wicked awesome combo and cant remember the button mashing order and sit there losing 9000 times trying to recreate it.

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