Additionally math trainer desires to know your location

Additionally math trainer desires to know your location 7

Additionally math trainer desires to know your location 8

Additionally math trainer desires to know your location

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  1. Friend: so… How many drinks can we get?

    You: *pulls out pen, paper, graph book, calculator, and pencil*

    Gimme a sec, I’ll figure it out

  2. Tbh, the things i learned in maths and buisness are sooooooo usefull in the adult life.

    Wanna calculate what to buy and when, easy you have a formula. W

    anna know when something is profitable for you you, easy you have a formula.

    Wanna know how much volume an object has, easy you learnd both ways.

    Legit maths is the most important subject in school, no questions asked.

  3. Yeah, here in Brazil we had to learn the reproduction of fucking sponges. Like, the specific mechanism for it. Man, i want to study fucking Law, why df did i had to learn such specific stuff? I get the importance of it, but ffs, just seemed out of place.

  4. for those who are saying
    50-10 = 40
    40 / 5 = 8

    You’re still using the same equation, you only taking b to other side , y-b = mx

  5. These things are basics required for Engineering calculations, which are important by the way. I can understand why Law, Arts and Commerce students complaint about it, it’s just a waste of time for them to know about Newton’s laws or Boolean Math because they ain’t going to make a Mechanical machine or write a program in their professional career.

  6. That’s not slope.

    If you made a line with y = 5x + 10, the slope would be 5.

    If you intersected that line with y=50, you could solve for x and get 8, the number of drinks you could buy.

  7. We learned that not to use it later on in everyday life, but as a prerequisite for higher education in case you want to go into things involving mathematics, data, programming or anything similar (which is a vast number of fields, every single industry deals with data with no exception). So chances are whatever you go into, you’ll come across some form of linear equation, and you may not have to understand it, but doing so certainly helps. It is also one of the most elementary parts of mathematics, so learning about it is equivalent to learning about the events of World War 2 or the World’s most ground-breaking novel: you will not need to know those things, but they are such fundamental yet simple parts of humanity’s triumphs and failures that not knowing about them makes you completely ignorant and, most often, incapable of simple conversation and argument.

  8. The thing is we were never taught to use it like this or to think to use it like this. For most of us the equation remains useless.

    Math is pretty dope when you can apply it, when you can’t it sucks.

  9. I dunno if anyone will see this, but maths is something I can’t do, maths teachers just didn’t bother with me in classes and let me fuck about.

    Can someone help me understand this? I’ve been trying to relearn maths so I can help my kid when she needs it.

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