Ah snap gotta go away

Ah snap gotta go away

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  1. Ha…so funny story about my 2nd baby. My wife got a blood test at 38 weeks to check for preeclampsia (history with our first). The next day around 1 in the afternoon, she got the call to head to the hospital for further testing, it showed she had it, and a c-section was scheduled. But because the process had taken so long, she had an apple for a snack. None of the Drs or nurses said she couldn’t eat.

    Because of that Apple, the c-section had to be scheduled the next day, at 12:30 am….

    Literally the apple kept the Dr away…

  2. I’m high af right now and I thought he was freaking out because the apple gave the woman a miscarriage.

  3. * Someone: is afraid of getting needles, eats an apple
    * The doctor: “Understandable have great day”

  4. Has anyone else got a notification that this meme was trending? That is the only reason why I know about this meme. I never had this type of notification before.

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