Anybody bear in mind or had this toy as a child?

Anybody bear in mind or had this toy as a child? 7

Anybody bear in mind or had this toy as a child?

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  1. Yeah, but probably not in the same way as you did. In 94-95, when I was 4 or so my best friend got this (in broken state) and we used to sit on grass with it and I’d ponder how this thing would have worked, had it worked. This was by far the fanciest toy we had, even though it didn’t work. It was making me so excited, haha – and it didn’t even work! His father got it from some relative who was working in richer, western countries. Probably some rich kid got this, it got broken and they wanted to throw it out.

    Till this day I have never actually seen this thing work. It’s very interesting.

    Growing up in Poland sucked.

  2. I started watching the video and had great nostalgic feels, but then the childhood traumas of that toy not working and thinking I broke it all came back..

    Now I can have closure knowing it was not my fault all along.

  3. There was a Batman themed one. I found it broken in the trash somewhere and thought I would be able to repair it. Obviously I wasn’t even remotely close, so my imagination had to help playing with it. This reads as a sad story, but it wasn’t.

  4. Yep I had one of these. There was also a handheld racing one where you could put it up to your eyes like a VR headset. Tomytronic I think it was called.

  5. My cousin had this. I was jealous because he always had the best toys and ATVs. But then It turned out that his father had a second family and his parents went bankrupt and got a divorce so I wasn’t jealous anymore. He also went bald in his late teens.

  6. I had one similar, but instead of a race car it was some sort of space ship and the scrolling image was of asteroids and planets… I’ve been trying to find any reference to it for fifteen years now but haven’t been able to. I vaguely remember it being white.

  7. this was for very rich kids, I used to do a version with cardboard and wood. It would be awesome to have the versions I did nowadays, sad that they went to the garbage bin

  8. Never had this myself, but my neighbor had it and I remember thinking it was so cool. I think his version looked slightly different though, I don’t think it was modeled after a porche. I live in the US, so I’m guessing they made a different version over here

  9. Oh MAN I loved this. Never owned one but I attended a Youth Club in my village (England) every Friday evening. All the kids in the area came, so about 30 total.

    There was a table full with toys all lined up and each toy had a chair which you had to wait to sit at, so you could play for a while…or until the kid behind you started crying. There was a Game Gear, Gameboy, special Lego sets, Mousetrap and then…this thing! I use to wait so long to play it every Friday. It was ace.

  10. I wanna stick a Raspberry Pi in one of these, put all the gauges on servo motors, put an LCD in place of the screen, put the controls on potentiometers and make it play actual first person racing games.

  11. He is amazingly critical of the qualities of a toy that’s meant for a kid.

    > “The main problem is that this isn’t a driving simulation at all”

    It’s from 1986! Computers cost like $2000 back then and ran MS-DOS! Like, fuck, What do you expect from a childrens’ toy that’s 35 years old?!

  12. The first toy I remember simultaneously loving and hating. Why wouldn’t the trees stop the car?!?! What’s the point?? Also, “vrooooom screeeeech vrooooOOOOM!”

  13. We had this!! Myself and my 2 sisters would sit in a closet (so we could get in and out of ‘the car’) and would pick up and drop each other off. 🤣

  14. I didn’t but many friends had one. So jelly. I was **so** into driving cars. Pissed me off that kids weren’t allowed to drive things.

    Dreamt of having real cars powered by pedals in kindergarten. Dreamt of having an RC style volvo 740 lol.

    Cruised in GTA 1, 2 3. Colin McRae 2, NFS porsche, NFS 2:SE with steering wheel. rfactor, live for speed etc

    Later ended up owning diesel, turbodiesel, gasoline, and electric powered cars, RWD was fun in winter. Bought a wheel for PC with clutch and shit and learned to drift and messed around in simulators. 10 years later I got VR and enjoyed some more modern simulators.

    Now I have no car but two VR rigs. God himself does not know know what it is with me and all these fucking steering wheels.

    Here I’m enjoying a more modern form of pretend-driving

  15. This was my favourite toy as a kid. My cousin got a blue police car version and I had this one. Used to pretend I was the robber and he was the cop chasing me. Endless fun.

  16. I thought I had imagined this! I played it once or twice at a friends house, thought it was the bees knees, and never saw it again!

  17. I have this as a kid and this episode brought me so much nostalgia! The only reason it git supressed from my memory for far too long is that 6 months later, dad bought me a Famicom (Asian version of the NES) and life was never the same since.

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