“Anybody received a mic?”

“Anybody received a mic?” 7

“Anybody received a mic?” 8

“Anybody received a mic?”

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  1. One time I was playing battlefield 4. I was in a random squad. I spawned on some random dude and he was like “hurry dude we gotta get to C”. I immediately killed 5 people back to back saving his life and he was like “THATS GREAT SOLDIER BUT THEY… ARE… TAKING… C”

    I laughed so hard and we were best friends for the rest of the match until we went our separate ways never talking to each other again.

  2. TBH I mostly avoid mics playing any game without my friends. I just don’t want to run the risk of having a child directly making suggestions of how to “win”. I mean I get it, if was a kid today I would prolly be a kid like that… but I don’t have patience with a kid whining into my ear while playing, so rather than being mean to a child I just stay on silent.

  3. So far everyone has been nice to me. Must not have been the case for this younger kid in our plunder squad that kept apologizing every time we rez’d him and telling him not to worry about it.

  4. It depends on the game for me. Mechwarrior Online is usually silent or near silent, but when people talk, it’s generally useful. (For example, when the Annihilator tells you its going to push, you know that for good or ill, that person just committed everything they have because there’s no retreating with an Annihilator. At least not in any useful build.) Overwatch is a game where coordination is key, but like most games with any sort of professional circuit, you end up with so many toxic jackasses screaming hate into the void that mute becomes the absolute default.

    It seems strange to think that I once put on a headset for every single game and bad experiences were a rare exception.

  5. When me and my friends queue a comp game we always end up putting on really bad eastern european accents for some reason. Always do it and I never know why.

  6. In COD Warzone I like to be a good team player. I like to play in a team. I only play with randoms when my colleagues don’t have time. But that’s actually what I’m scared of. Fear that, due to my poor knowledge of English and my fear of speaking to strangers, we will lose.

  7. Honestly I have fun playing with randos. Most of the time it’s just gonna be a quiet bunch but suck. But sometimes you say something funny and you get somebody to crack up, and you have a funny round because some funny shit happened. It’s like some weird video game version of speed dating, are used to be afraid of it but now I know what to expect

  8. For some reason I absolutely despise voice chat with anyone except with friends I’ve made in person. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because when I first attempted to use voice chat as a kid everyone was yelling at me and practically bullying me for being bad (in their defense, I was bad and I knew it). I can’t bring myself to turn on voice chat with strangers online at all, even now.

  9. I was playing hunt showdown, which lets enemies hear you’re voice chat as well. Found a nice building near boss, trapped it up and then just started playing hoedown music on my banjo. People would come around, get freaked out and leave. One guy tried to get in at me and his face came in direct contact with my shotgun shot. Good times.

  10. As an older 90s/early 2000s gamer, online games only worked with people I knew in real life. Mostly because there wasn’t good Internet and most “online gaming” were LAN parties.

    In that way we could taunt and insult each other, but we knew there were some limits and that there would be consequences if someone was too much of prick.

    But of course, that means online gaming had an expiration date, when everyone moved on with their lives.

    Nowadays this is simply the way things are for kids, and even more with this damned pandemic.

    Now get off my lawn.

  11. I’m partially deaf, my friends know this so know to talk accordingly so i can hear them, while strangers just get more and more frustrated with me even when i explain the partial deafness.

  12. I don’t bother anymore with multiplayer games.
    At this point I enjoy more games vs bots than humans, even the trash talk from godlike bits in ut2k4 is better to hear than little Kevin online.

  13. Yo anyone still playing Destiny 1 or something? Would love to find some friends and go on epic adventures. Maybe we’ll even create some awesome memories and become best friends?

    Jk jk, unless?

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