As an Indian, I’m so pleased with this nation

As an Indian, I’m so pleased with this nation

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  1. I’m a stray Australian in a crowd of Indians on this post.

    Thanks, India. We needed your first step to ban TikTok.

  2. As an Indian, I an wishing we’d capitalise on this and develop alternatives. God knows the economy could use it.

  3. But seriously, there are still more out there

    There’s the malay version which is seperated from the english one.

    Theres also a chinese one if I’m right.

    And a clone of that being “The Red Book”

    Well, the world is full of Tiktok vibe, and we’re trying our best to ignore and hate on it.

    But some day, *some day…*

    ***We’re all gonna have TikTok in our phones, never to be unseen***

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