At the moment’s information in Wisconsin

At the moment’s information in Wisconsin

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  1. I’m imagining a world where this is the most newsworthy item of the day, and I think I want to live there.

  2. Omg.. how did it end? Why didn’t you link the story? Did the bird die? Did a car come? I MUST know!

  3. Very refreshing. No Corona, no Trump, no police brutality. Just a little bird getting clean. I want more of this on the news.

  4. Stevens Point Wisconsinite here- that’s adorable. Rn my town is concerned about the coronavirus outbreak from a graduation party ugh.

  5. I would be glad to live in a world where a bathing bird is a news.

    But it’s the year 2020. This pond is probably toxic and radioactive and in July we see an global outbreak of zombie cannibal birds. At least.

  6. “Wausau”
    This could go through as a German word. It would read “Barking Pig” in English.

    “Dog-Pig” would also be possible.

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