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  1. I love joining a game in session where my team is losing by a bit and start carrying them to a win. Doesn’t always happen but its great when it does.

  2. Talking shit can be risky. While it can motivate your team and distract your opponents it can also have the equal and opposite effect of distracting your team and motivating your opponents. It’s only really useful when you already have already gained a significant advantage and are specifically trying to demoralize your opponents into quitting, but in that case you’d still probably win without trash talking anyway and at the same time are still running the risk of inadvertently re-motivating your opponents.

  3. Always type “gg” guys. When you winning or losing. Dont be that dumb kid that type “ez”at everything. These type of kids likes to put their brain on their kneecap.

    Oh you’re actually a 20+ yo? Then your brain is definitely a kids brain.

  4. I read this as “When you’re pointing out how terrible your teammates are and they turn around and carry you to victory”

  5. poor sportmanship is a clear indicator of weakness of character, so you may want to examine the reason you enjoy deriding those you consider beneath you.

  6. Had this happen in LoL Botlane.

    I was Supp (Rakan) and a friend adc (Jinx). (we picked first)

    The enemys were playing Lux / Brand, they got succesfully an early gank and where leading (our jungler never came) for some time.

    They were making Fun of us the whole time in Engrish.

    Until we managed to kill both twice and destroyed their tower, after that we were leading stongly.

    I asked them why they are so silent all of a sudden. They never said anything again the whole match long and we won the game.

  7. Better yet is when you queue the next match against your previous team, and they win. No way around you the fact that you suck!

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