baby teeth.

baby teeth.

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  1. How many times has she been unfaithful?

    One ah ah ah

    Two ah ah ah

    Three ah ah ah, three times! …I shall count them again.

  2. A vampire’s genitals are present, but not functioning, like a network card without the appropriate drivers.

  3. …….i don’t understand the joke. Like, the punchline is that it’s a vampire? Anything could be used in place of the vampire. A Wolfman. A person of different race. “His eyes are narrow and flat. Is that normal.” *Asian man stands outside window*.

    Is the joke “Infidelity is funny?”

    I honestly fail to see what qualifies as a joke, here. It just seems like the author said “Hey let’s take an infidelity *joke* but use vampires to make it funny.”

    Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of jokes about cheating that are funny as hell, but this ain’t it, Chief.

  4. Serious Question: Women who were unfaithful, does the worry the kid will look like the other guy ever go away?

  5. I’d think the baby would burn instantly the second sunlight touches its skin as it is a vampire. Unless the father wasn’t kind of weirded out by his wife trying to keep the baby out of sunlight all day.

    I’m overthinking aren’t I?

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