Backend Devs Will Understand the Struggle

Backend Devs Will Understand the Struggle

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  1. Fuuuuck, this reminds me of when I worked with a company that directly supported an EMR.

    Customers would request specific features for our dev team to make and Dev, DB, and EA would get into arguments about why we can’t just flip a switch to turn X on.

    Almost PTSD….

  2. Holy shit this video really zeroes in on why I hate my job. I’m so fucking glad I’m getting out of software development soon.

  3. This guy is so underrated for the quality of his videos. He really captures the existential dread of life in BigTech and repackages it into hilarious comedy sketches (like Black Mirror if it was an Absurdist Comedy).

    I don’t even work in tech and but this guy’s videos captures what life is like in SF in any “startup-y” company.

  4. Every time.

    You start out with a good spec and you make a good design. You code it. It’s perfection.

    Then comes the “oh but we need this, and this, and that…”

    “But it will ruin the design! Everything will become a mess, impossible to understand and maintain!”

    “It’s what we want. When can it be completed?”

  5. Man this video is crazy spot on. Even down to animal names being used for the APIs. We use sea-animals over here (Shark, Manatee, Sting Ray, Urchin, etc).

  6. Had to do a similar type explanation to our product planner and CEO last year except they weren’t asking for a minor change. They completely changed the end product use cases. Then they wondered why I said I would need a day or two to give them a level of effort.estimate.

    In shock they asked me to ‘to use my gut instinct’. That instinct is now used once a month to ask what is taking so long. Never give a number till you feel good about it.

  7. Not relatable, have had plenty of backend experience, but when some api removes a feature, that is annoying. What kind of backend are you developing where you need that many API’s?

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