BBC Nationwide (1971) sent Nicky Woodhead out to pinch men’s bottoms, in the name of sexual equality.

BBC Nationwide (1971) sent Nicky Woodhead out to pinch men’s bottoms, in the name of sexual equality.

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  1. “Do you think it is a nice idea if ladies molest gentleman in the street? Instead of the other way around for a change”

    “It’s re- It’s refreshing if nothing else”

  2. Better quality here so you can see her nice legs

    Also seems like it’s the 48th anniversary of this clip. Aired just before the Wimbledon highlights and Tom and Jerry. The BBC Archive is quite interesting. It’ll show you clips that historically aired that day. Here’s from from 24th June 1946 showing how TV returned after the war.

  3. The difference between a lady doing this and a guy is the threat of violence. In general a woman would have a hard time overpowering a man.

  4. Incredible… They see a social wrong and set about doing exactly the wrong thing because they generalized all male individuals into one uniform group.

    * First, it’s almost certainly a very small minority of men who participate in that kind of random assault, it’s just that women will understandably only pay attention to that minority and not the thousands of other men they pass in a year who leave them unmolested.

    * Second, if it’s wrong to do it to women, then it’s wrong to do it to men. Saying this is OK because it’s designed to raise awareness or something is like saying it’s OK for someone who was mugged to go around mugging other people to raise awareness that mugging is wrong. If it’s innocent enough to do to men to try and make your point, then you’re essentially saying it’s innocent enough to do to women on a whim as well. Which it’s not.

    * Third, using an extremely attractive woman in the experiment, predictably, got a much more positive result than they were hoping for. They should have used a man, or much less attractive woman, but then again I’m sure the BBC at that time was far too homophobic to use a man and far too sexist to ever hire an unattractive woman to be on TV…

    * Last… was it me, or did it seem like she was aiming straight for their poop chutes?

    The only way this could possibly work is if they’d found men who’d already pinched women’s butts on the street and managed to do the same to them in a way they absolutely didn’t like or want. Even then, they’d be more likely to get a punch to the face than to change anyone’s behavior.

  5. So back in the black and white days men would just randomly walk past women and give a squeeze?

    I just can’t see this happening. Is this an English thing like taking a break in battle for tea? Or putting vinegar on french fries? Confused Yankee here…

  6. I love how well mannered these men. First thing they do is left up their hat in respect. Also, these days, I’d expect a punch-first ask-questions later.

  7. There is a difference between pinching someones butt and jamming your fingers up their ass. She seems to be going straight for the hole aggressive as fuck, hence the reactions.

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