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  1. Cornelius does not claim to be a healer, faith guru, or wonder-priest. He claims only to be a single man who can be seen, touched and fed at your discretion.

  2. I’m a little concerned about the hidden costs…if any. Call me petty, but what about talking or listening to him while he reads from a book (Ulysses, with accent e.g. )? Canon- singing German folk songs to my ukulele? Offering him a cuppa of Bovril? Watching socker films with him on granny’s super8… or simply having him as a cart- assistant and advisor at the local grocery? I guess I’d like to have a detailed quotation first…

  3. Cornelius is a busy guy. He’s got a website, hangs out at Maples, gets seen, touched, fed, and experienced. WOW.

  4. Wait, so for only $18 someone will calmly ingest a spoonful of whatever I bring in?

    I’ll take five spoonfeeds, please.

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