Best Coronavirus Advice

Best Coronavirus Advice

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  1. I’m getting really fed up with these posts. Not everyone has the luxury of just battening down the hatches and waiting out the storm. Your bills don’t care if there’s a virus going around.

  2. I’d love to but I drive blood samples for a medical analysis lab so…I am forced to go out and even have to go into retirement homes.

    Washing hands and wearing a mask are mandatory for me…I don’t fear the virus as much as I fear being responsible for someone’s death…

    Good luck to all the workers out there during these shitty times !

  3. Students are gone, but the school won’t pay us to prep and lesson plan from home. So we are bunched up together to photocopy and use the computers that connect to the printers.

    I guess it doesn’t matter if a staff member gets it and spreads it?

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