Best of kartcross – I had no idea Kartcross was even a thing. Looks like fun!

Best of kartcross – I had no idea Kartcross was even a thing. Looks like fun!

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  1. The organisation of the track looks similar to how it used to look in Scandinavian rallies until a couple of high profile accidents with spectator casualties resulted in much better safety for spectators and drivers with safety personnel controlling where people stood and overall better marking and monitoring of high risk portions of the track.
    Having flaggers along the track keeping an eye on spectators and able to flag down cars (not wave down) is important.

    Looks fun

  2. I drive a Yamaha Rhino at work, I fantasize constantly about hard-racing with little light buggies. I do my best to keep all 4 wheels on the ground, but sometimes the tire tracks disappear for a few feet…….

  3. We are getting to see the best few seconds out of each race/stage. While this must be fun, as far as seat-time per dollar spent this is likely a low value because of how short the races are and how much time is spent sitting around waiting for your turn. The other motorsports with the same issues are hillclimbs (about 3 minutes per run every hour or so), or autocross (45 seconds to 1.5 minutes per hour).

    The best seat-time per dollar that I’ve found is indoor karting. At $25 for 6 – 8 minutes it is relatively cheap, as far as racing goes. Next cheapest, even though it is quite expensive for the day is a track day just because of the amount of potential seat time in a couple of 20 – 30 minute sessions you’ll get.

    Also when I looked into this the cars are so light that they are easily powered by 600cc sportbike engines and sequential transmissions. So building one of these cars is surprisingly inexpensive since you can use a wrecked sportbike as a cheap source of power.

  4. It’s not real exciting racing unless your are flirting right on the edge of control and out-of-control – at any moment things could go horribly awry.

  5. Based on the sound I was fairly certain I would see a bunch of multicopters coming over the hill in the first clip.

  6. The real fun is when they take these to an asphalt sprint track. 650cc crotch-rocket engines on four wheels!

  7. You will never ever ever find me as a spectator on the side of the fucking track at something like this. Ever. It’s beyond fucking stupid to me.

  8. when are we going to be able to attach AI to a rig like this and have it do courses more efficiently than humans?

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