better than einstein

better than einstein 7

better than einstein 8

better than einstein

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  1. Yeh, it’s possible cause if u move at a speed greater than that of light, time which usually moves forward, starts to move backward.

    If u have a twisted brain and mind like me, u can easily imagine it. No need of theoretical explanation.

  2. surely anybody would understand that these Ellies are writing from two different timelines because if Ellie wrote a comment four years ago she would still remember it when she wrote two hours ago due to changing the past and altering the future shenanigans, Unless the Ellie that wrote two hours ago had no knowledge of the time travel meaning that she was from a different timeline entirely

  3. I know how to timetravel,
    Just travel westwards on earth faster than the earth rotation and jetlag will make you travel backwards through time
    Repeat this for how long you want to go back in time

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