British advert placement at its best

British advert placement at its best

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. This reminds of a time my swing dance organization made the local paper. There was a very unflattering picture of me dancing on the front page, right above an unrelated headline that read something like “domestic abuse on the rise among military households.” The photo was above the fold, but the actual headline for the article it went with was below the fold.

  2. Man i’ve had this pic on my computer for years never knew if it was real or where I even originally found it. Good stuff good stuff.

    Only difference I believe the one I have is a father’s day advert

  3. I’ve been beating my fiance for years now. I think she likes me more for it. Most guys will let their gf win at games, but I’m real with her. If she plays like trash she gonna get beat, I don’t hand out W’s to nobody.

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