British man tries to leap over a canal.

British man tries to leap over a canal.

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  1. Worth pointing out that this is a Lock, which is more dangerous than a normal Canal bit would be because it’s so much deeper – usually 3 meters or more with more active water flowing (where as a canal is under 1.5m).

  2. There’s nothing funny about this. I see one fella not fit for jumping and two pricks coaxing him to do something that he shouldn’t be doing.

  3. This is kind of fucked up. He seemed like he was drunk *and* didn’t event want to try it. If he got seriously injured it’s his asshole friend that should have to pay for any damages, calling him a “fairy” or not jumping.

  4. I believe the key to making a successful jump lies in ‘not slowing down’. Good dental care in the UK though, yes?

  5. He hesitated just as he reached the edge. Probably the distance and height spooked him. He should have stood right on the edge to study what it’d look like first, before backing up for the run. Then he’d know what to expect when he got to the edge during the run.

  6. What…The…Fuck was that?! How drunk was this guy? That run up was terrible! He would of had a better shot from doing a standing leap from the edge. Good god that was hard to watch.

  7. I’ve never understood why people get a running start to jump over something, then loose their momentum by doing little tippy taps with the feet and completely stopping before jumping.

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