Can coronavirus just stop? PLEASE???

Can coronavirus just stop? PLEASE???

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  1. A little more than 1 week ago there was 1 Person in Swizerland with the Virus, now there are over 1000. But hey, at least we don’t have school.

  2. It should stop because we did not give corona virus our personal consent to spread which means that if it is smart then corona virus should abide to the law of consent

  3. Can people please stop spouting random numbers and what they’ve heard and take as fact?

    As of 13th of March 1400 GMT,
    There are 63,218 infected people
    There are 70,727 recovered people
    There are 5,116 deaths

    The vast majority of deaths are in the elderly community, 60yrs plus and already suffering from chronic illness.

    Don’t be a news outlet, don’t spit random shit that isn’t confirmed. YOU are scaring gullible idiots into a panic if you spread misinformation.

    WHO is a good source for information regarding infected numbers and updates.

    Worldometer updates regularly to help keep track of the virus.

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