Can we stop talking about Johnny Depp’s drama now?

Can we stop talking about Johnny Depp's drama now? 6

Can we stop talking about Johnny Depp's drama now? 7

Can we stop talking about Johnny Depp’s drama now?

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  1. Honestly tho, at first it was alright

    But then when it kept going and going that it kinda became cringy for me

    I want justice for Depp also, its just the memes people are making about Depp’s case cringes me and it feels similar to reposts as it goes on

  2. Fr tho, the people who ar interested will follow the story themselves. I’m just here for the memes, I don’t want my feed full of Amber Heard memes

  3. Do people seriously think he won? He literally just lost the case against the sun , who he sued for calling him a wife beater

  4. Yes, please oh pretty please, stop sucking the dick of famous people. Believe me they do not need you & will not think about you. I just want some memes not celebrity drama.

  5. I can’t wait for people to start saying how “reddit cleared Depps name” or how we killed Warner brothers. In reality we did fuck all

  6. Everyone would’ve forgotten in like a week anyways remember cuties yea nothing happened because everyone just all of a sudden stopped

  7. Same thing happened with the Sonic Movie. Saw a lot of Depp memes saying, “We MaDe tHeM cHaNgE sOonic!!1!1!” Even though it was the whole internet. If anything it was probably Twitter that helped the most as it’s more mainstream and most likely what companies would look at. Making your 17957274.74827^10 meme about Johnny Depp really isn’t helping

  8. Imagine the poor fucking lawyer who just wanted to see some memes after work and it’s just people basically saying: “don’t fail or we will start a fucking revolution.”

    But still if he won I’m okay with it

  9. I want to people to stop making shit memes for karma, specifically this Johnny Depp thing because they aren’t funny or creative.

  10. In any given case there’s usually a lot more the lawyer could have done; but their reputation amongst other lawyers would be tainted, forcing them to play by an unwritten social code.

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