Can’t help it

Can’t help it

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  1. I worked at a summer camp for a few years. Everytime a kid got hurt I had to leave so I didn’t burst out laughing at them. Kids fall in the best ways.

    One time. I hopped into a sitting position on the railing of a deck. One of the kids (little brother of my friend) tried to copy me. Leaned back too far and flipped off the deck. I jumped down and made sure he was OK laughing the entire time. Like the champ he is he rolled over and asked did the fall look good. I miss those kids

    Also with the same kid, we were sword fighting with foam swords. He was swinging wildly and quickly. So instead of accidentally hurting him (by hitting his arm or something) I just kicked his legs out from under him, caught him, and pinned him to the ground. “Awesome” he says, covered in dirt

  2. Once my 3 year old brother at the time, started running throw the corridor, but there we had this really slippery carpet, and one moment he was running the other he was basically flying and hit face first in the wall, my parents panicked ( he was fine just a little bump in the head ) and I just stood there trying to laugh with tears in my eyes.

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I probably had it. There’s no evidence to support that, but I still say everybody’s being a big baby about it.

I’d die for this dog