Cause I‘am male nurse, too…

Cause I‘am male nurse, too... 7

Cause I‘am male nurse, too... 8

Cause I‘am male nurse, too…

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  1. The funny sounding one for me is someone going to extra years of school to get a PhD in Nursing. They are now a Doctor, of Nursing.

    I understand the reasons to do it, and it is a really good idea for those who can, it just, sounds funny to me.

  2. I’m a male nurse and some pts already call me doctor accidentally so that’s a good reason to stop at bsn degree.

  3. Nurses make fuckin bank in some states if you can get through school and don’t mind taking care of people, no matter how much body fluid they might be covered in

  4. Lol, it’s pretty silly isn’t it?

    I’m a CNA and a hospice caregiver, and I couldn’t tell you how many times I get, “What brings a man to this kind of work?” or “We don’t get too many men around here”.

  5. As a male nurse, I semi frequently get “why didn’t you become a doctor?” as if my penis should have lead me in that direction. Maybe I just didn’t want to go to school for 8 years and then 4 years of shitty pay as a resident before making decent income while having $200k worth of debt.

  6. Why did you become a male nurse.


    Well sir… sorry ma’am I became a male through no choice of my own when I was growing in the womb. As to why I became a nurse. Because the uniform is a pussy magnet.

  7. Actually surprised, there’s literally no transphobia in the comments. Sure there’s the occasional scissor-dick joke but those are funny sometimes.

  8. Birth of my daughter we had a student male midwife accompanying the female midwife. My wife was ok with it she didn’t care who was there so long as they helped the baby out, but it was refreshing to see and could relate with man to man chat (Ireland were playing the rugby that weekend, even though he was from America he talked about it while my wife caught up on sleep after an epidural)

  9. when i was 5 i was really sick in the hospital and i had a male nurse named Bear. he was the greatest nurse ever

  10. My pet peeve is when people think doctors and nurses are the same thing just different genders. My mom is literally a nurse and my dad still believes this.

  11. I still find it surprising people have to point out it’s “a male nurse” as though that’s something we need to focus on, idaf what your gender is just give me the right fucking blood type XD

  12. the ‘ was unnecesarry, just put a space, srry but i just lick grammar,

    edit: yes, i deliberately messed up the grammar on that;

  13. At this point I’m not even sure if this sub is satire or if people actually think this is even remotely funny

  14. I just tell them no I’m a nurse. I think male nurse sounds degrading. Oh you’re a female doctor… It is the same to me.

  15. When I was a young student, an elderly patient exclaimed how nice it was that I was studying to be a male nurse. I jokingly told her that I was born a male but was studying to be a nurse!

  16. I work as a male nurse in a NICU and the amount of times I’ve been mistaken for the baby’s dad is astronomical

  17. My brother is going to school to become a nurse and it is def a female dominated industry. His classmates are so petty, one of them spread a lie about him during clinicals to the hospital staff and they all reported him for verious things. Racial slurs, sexual slurs, sexual advances, etc. Almost getting him kicked out of the program. Some of the nurses that reported him, didn’t even work with him during clinicals.

  18. It’s crazy how in a modern and open minded country like the US people still find a male nurse something weird. I’m from Italy and here nobody thinks that way at all.

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