Childhood ruined…

Childhood ruined…

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  1. Some kids back in highschool would have a furry tail hanging out of their pants. First time I saw someone wearing one I was so baffled that I just stared at their furry tail, not realizing I was also following them as well.

  2. Showerthoughts:

    If you eat too many mushrooms, you get diarrhea. If these guys get diarrhea mid-air from all the shrooms they eat, they’ll shart out the plugs then fall to their deaths.

  3. I was at a hippy festival one time. It was dark and the couple on the path had these glowing furry tails.
    They were also naked.

    I looked at them and the tails, smiled, and got outta eyesight before my brain said ‘if they were naked, where were the tails attached?’

    3 nights I kept my eye out for them again.

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