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Clicks are everything. 7

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Clicks are everything.

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  1. Literally all of this is in the news.

    Do people just use reddit for news?

    Does reddit have a fetish for saying things aren’t in the news?

  2. This disease is a massive big deal that has shaken our economy to its core and it hasn’t even begun killing people en masse in the US. I think it’s about the right level of focus.

  3. Y’know, I can’t even remember a time when putin wasn’t president/dictator of russia….feels like he’s just always been in charge there now. Kinda like Xi in china

  4. it’s until 2024 and a ruling is 6 years long. his ruling ends in 2024 renews at 2030 thus making him rule until 2042 (two rulings) assuming he would live that long. but hay it”s a gift for his boy!

  5. I’d rather the media panic before it becomes an issue, rather than panicking after it becomes a severe issue.

    But the media is exaggerating a *tad* too much, imo.

  6. I’ve seen all these things on TV yesterday except Hong Kong. But I’m not British (or American), so not sure why we should care about Hong Kong. And COVID-19 is a big deal, so kinda obvious that it’s being focused

  7. 2 days ago, I dreamt of inviting Vladimir Putin into our house and we drank together. What do ya know, the guy is actually very nice.

  8. Other than global warming yeah the media kinda sucks about these things I wish they could report and let us decide for ourselves instead of filtering what we hear to fit their agenda

  9. It’s stupid really- it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but most media is payed off by big companies, governments, and old money to ignore the things that could change the status-quo, and reporting in things which will get them payed more, it’s logical that this would be the outcome;If it seems to unlikely, think of it as modern propaganda and it will make more sense. Overall, people need to realise this so that the world conditions can improve, and there need to be new laws binding media to the truth to confirm it.

  10. Because coronavirus is killing people all over the world
    And people should be aware, so we avoid a catastrophe! So in this situation, it doesn’t matter how long Putin is going to be a president!

  11. Yea bc covid 19 affects boomers and global warming, Hong Kong, and Putin till 2036 doesn’t affect the boomers.

  12. Why is the time Putin is allowed to be president getting longer with every meme I see. First time I saw it was with 2024.

  13. So, if Russia wants Putin, then he shall rule. I honestly think limits on how many times someone can run is stupid.

  14. Okay I get it and I do think the media isn’t helping with the people so fearful but being aware of new infectious that can spread pretty well and has a bad effect on some of our most vulnerable populations isn’t really a bad thing..but yeah ever since the Coronavirus the coverage on protest have been quiet, and there are other things going on

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Really informative about the whole situation 20

Really informative about the whole situation

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Spanish Flu, 1918. Family Portrait.