Climate forecast in several British (and Irish) accents

Climate forecast in several British (and Irish) accents 7

Climate forecast in several British (and Irish) accents

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  1. Very entertaining with some fun jokes but I have to point out that that Yorkshire accent was atrocious, and is also not the correct dialect for people in York.

  2. Great for non-UK people. But each one of the individual accents were “Generic” and not specific to the city she pointed to.

    So, generic “Valleys” Welsh for Cardiff, which is a lot more nuanced. Generic “West Country” for Brizzle. Generic “Northern” for York and so on.

    As I said, for people not from the UK, this is fine, but it’ll grate for people from these places.

    Keep practising and maybe talk to people from those cities first, next time!

  3. I am not an accent expert but apparently according to these Reddit comments, every one of those accents were terrible and not even close. A quick google search says she was born in London but mostly raised in Scotland, but somehow her London and Scottish accents are apparently not even in the ballpark and absolute shit.

  4. These were all terrible. Admittedly I’m American and my only source is watching fucktons of Gogglebox when I go over to visit family, but still.

  5. Rare that I hear any cockney accents in London any more.
    For me, a London accent is more
    “Yoooo, fam, did I even arks you? Nah bruv.”
    Every. Single. Kid.

  6. I am German and I traveled to most of these locations. I could understand every word of that lady in the video, but I was not understanding a single word when talking to Irish, Scottish or Welsh people until they realised I am a foreigner and started to talk with only 30% of their accent… So I guess her interpretation in way off.

  7. Why is an Irish accent always that leprechaun shight.

    There is so many funny and different accents in Dublin alone let alone all the country accents as well and that leprechaun one is a super over the top version of an accent that I hear the least of all in Ireland..

  8. I made it about 2/3 of the video waiting for the weather people from different areas to come on before I realized she was doing accents…

    It all kinda sounds the same to me except for a few aggressive ones.

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