Climbing the ranks

Climbing the ranks 7

Climbing the ranks 8

Climbing the ranks

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  1. I got so many mobile games over the years where i pretty much quit because of this. And it is so easy to avoid by just having the creators adding more ranks, so that people are roughly equal.

  2. This is why I can’t play Rocket League online any more. Sucks because many of my wins were because of awesome team mates. So I’m now in a ranking I’m not truly good enough to be in. Wish I could reset it.

  3. I would like to talk about the the app Crush them All.

    “Hey you just got into Platinum League, your 10K team now regularly draws PvP opponents who are 1,000,000+”

    The devs recently defended their match-making by putting up a video where a much lower scored team beats a more powerful team by carefully ‘strategy’.

  4. Clash royale above 4K trophies. Anywhere below 4.5k and everyone is level 8/9 while people at 5k are always level 12/13 it’s just a brick wall if you don’t have high level cards

  5. In CSGO i have the opposite problem. Lose 8 games in a row then win one game… Rank up!

    Literally playing way above my skill level right now. The game must track some weird stats for promos like utility dmg because i barely break even in kills every game and lose over 50%.

  6. This happens in rocket league too like you will be mid platinum and get a diamond in your match and lose or your tm8s will be carries and suck

  7. Or you at lol and get hard stuck if you don’t buy an account which is at least in platin bc everyone under that will go afk if they get killed in the first two minutes or feed so hard that nobody can carry the game anymore on the own team.

  8. this is clearly inaccurate, the loss giving your minus 25 is correct of course, but a win should only be giving you a +2 to your score

  9. Hah, would not expect to see Puyo Puyo (Tetris?) in here such time after PPT released. Ranks in this game sure are something…

  10. Me, someone who got to silver in league and struggles to climb out, playing against golds with a sprinkle of diamonds and plays in norms regularly.

    I’m not good and I can’t compete with some of these mechanical and macro gods but because my teammatesare also high levels my win rate stays at 50%. Let me bully the bronze plz?

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